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My Approach

My therapy approach is transpersonal which means I draw upon a variety of techniques to best support your individual needs.  These can range from short term CBT which looks at unhelpful behaviour and thought patterns, to deeper transpersonal therapy which can encompass early life issues. This includes Trauma therapy and Creative work such as visualisations and dreamwork. I take into consideration your whole being and not only the issues you present with. Transpersonal means ‘beyond the personal’. This approach goes deeper and beyond our problems. It looks to the essence of our being and the potential contained within this. Therapy involves a willingness to change and a readiness to go beyond the familiar. Whilst it can be challenging it can be rewarding and exciting, discovering new potentials within each of us leading to the unfolding of a fulfilling life. The fundamental truth about therapy, whatever the approach, is that it is the relationship that heals. The ability to truly listen is the power to be truly present.